Cheese, Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar


Collier's Welsh Cheddar Cheese

Item Code: 18183

Pack/Size: seven ounce package

The idea for the Collier's brand was sparked by Wales’s proud industrial heritage. Collier's Powerful Cheddar's characteristics are those of the Welsh coal miners: reliability, power and integrity.

What does Collier's Welsh Cheddar Cheese Taste Like?

Collier's powerful Cheddar delivers a fine balance of savoury and sweet, without the sharpness of many strong cheddars.  Collier's has a distinct texture - open, slightly crumbly, yet smooth and creamy in the mouth.  It contains tantalising "crunchy bits" which are actually calcium lactate grains that develop during maturation, and are evidence of the cheese's high quality.