Bacon, Hickory Smoked No Sugar



Pederson's Hickory Smoked Uncured Bacon - No Sugar!

Item Code: 18325

Pack/Size: 10 oz package

The original. The Whole30 bacon that blazed its path across the pork landscape and made Pederson's a household name. This is uncured bacon without sugar. Simple enough, right? Turns out making bacon without artificial nitrates or nitrites is tough. Take sugar out of the equation and, for many, well you have a down-right conundrum. Then the cowboys and cowgirls at Pederson's Farms went and did it. The rest is history. If you want to get in on that, here's your chance. This bacon will change the way you look at bacon, and you'll want more of it. This is Whole30 Approved. It's AIP diet friendly. It fits right into Paleo and Keto lifestyles.

The process of getting this bacon from pasture to plate is whittled down to the essentials. Minimal processing. The seasonings get soaked in over time, not injected all at once. Slabs of pork smoked by all natural hickory chips and perfectly sliced. Humanely raised, these animals get the life they deserve, with no growth stimulants or antibiotics. You won't find any MSG, gluten, or lactose here. No preservatives, no artificial ingredients. All natural uncured bacon. If there's a better way to make bacon, we haven't found it yet.